LLA unites our community around preserving and protecting the natural resources of Long Lake’s water and shore land, maintaining the scenic beauty of the area, maintaining accessibility for recreational and leisure activities and developing and instituting lake policies and practices in response to lake studies and lake planning programs.

Officers and Directors

Jerry Voigt (2nd; 2026)

Vice President:
Dave Wangerin (1st; 2024)

Patty Jackson (1st; 2026)

Rick Schaber (1st; 2025)

Tom Catlin (2nd; 2024)

John Harvat (1st; 2025)

Bruce K. Rucks (1st; 2026)

Dave Schultz (2nd; 2024)

Wendy Vincent; (1st; 2025)

Committees and Responsibilities

  • Clean Boats Clean Water – Tom Catlin
  • Education – Bruce Rucks, Patty Jackson, Jerry Voigt
  • Fish Enhancement – Dave Schultz & Jerry Voigt
  • Lake Management – John Harvat
  • Land Management – Rick Schaber
  • Membership – Jerry Voigt
  • Newsletter – Bruce Rucks & Jerry Voigt
  • Picnic – Emily Nikolai & Vicki Harvat
  • Saxeville Liaison – Dave Wangerin & Dave Schultz
  • Social Media – Wendy Vincent
  • Springwater Liaison – Rick Schaber & Jerry Voigt
  • Website Administrator – Bruce Rucks


Friends of Long Lake

Established in 1994, Friends of Long Lake supports LLA on the mission to maintain a healthy lake and fishery, and a lake accessible to all for recreation and leisure. Membership is open to anyone on a donation basis; the minimum donation is $10 per person/per year, but higher donations are encouraged to support the lake and community.   Friends of Long Lake is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization and all contributions are fully tax-deductible.  To donate…Click Here

Long Lake Yacht Club

The club was formed in 1966 and has conducted annual races every year since.  In 1967 the club was first recognized as a member of the Inland Lake Yachting Association as WL (Wisconsin Long).  The active club holds M16, MC and open races throughout the summer.  Club members volunteer their time and expertise to teach young sailors the finer points of sailing!  Membership is open to anyone interested in sailing.  Click Here for more information.

S.P.L.A.S.H. Inc.

Long Lake is one of the few lakes in Wisconsin to offer a swim raft and high dive for lake resident use.  The high dive has been a fixture on the lake since the mid-1930’s and remains a hit attraction throughout summer months for kids and adults looking for the thrill of a 10-foot jump or just a place to hang out.  The organization is funded entirely on free-will donations from those in the lake community who cherish the history and enjoy a good splash!  Want to learn more?  Click Here!