Lake Plan

The Long Lake Management Plan and the process used to create and update it, allows the Long Lake Association (LLA) and the local community to guide the health of our lake. 

The plan is a dynamic document, now in its second edition, which identifies goals and action items for the purpose of maintaining, protecting, and creating desired conditions in and around the lake over the long term.   It includes interesting charts, graphs, photos and historical descriptions of the lake water, fishery and aquatic nature of Long Lake.

This plan is an important tool for current and future association board members, lake users, and technical experts.  It identifies on-going management issues, objectives and goals, as well as documents past successes.  LLA developed the plan with input from residents, lake users, the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (WDNR) and local government officials from Saxeville and Springwater.

CLICK HERE for the full report.

Our Goals

  1. Long Lake will have a sustainable family friendly fishery.
  2. Native plants in and around Long Lake will be fostered/protected.
  3. The lake will be monitored for aquatic invasive species and their establishment prevented in Long Lake. 
  4. Degradation of critical habitat areas in Long Lake will be prevented.
  5. The water quality in Long Lake will be maintained or improved.
  6. Healthy, stable shoreland habitats near and around Long Lake will be protected/restored.
  7. Watershed property owners and elected governmental officials will know about and use resources for healthy land management practices.
  8. Visitors and residents will be kept informed about responsible lake stewardship and will be encouraged to be actively involved in the Long Lake Association and Friends of Long Lake through means of open communication and education.
  9. Accessibility to the lake for responsible recreational and leisure activities will be fostered for residents/visitors. 

Please join with our concerned lake property owners, town officials and WDNR in protecting the quality of Long Lake while you enjoy our lake responsibly!